Patient Testimonials

A big mahalo to Leslie who brings our office "onolicious" homemade holiday treats every year, along with wonderful compliments and news that her retainers are still being worn!
Leslie Munro

“Dr. Horton is just the sweetest! Not only did she provide impeccable orthodontic care for my teenage son, Simon, but she also showed sincere concern for his comfort and happiness throughout the treatment and encouraged him to take the very best care of his braces to minimize complications. Also, knowing our tight schedule with military reassignment, Dr. Horton worked diligently with Simon to ensure he completed treatment before we transferred, thus preventing continuing with a new orthodontist in our new location. On completion of treatment, Dr. Horton performed a thorough follow-up check-up in which she lovingly encouraged Simon to strive to be his very best self in all aspects of his life. Wow! We were truly sad to end our regular visits with Dr. Horton. She is simply the best! "
Margarite Chesley
Simon Chesley

"I enjoyed having braces. Dr. Lili Horton is the best orthodontist ever. She was sweet, and kind, and was a very good person to me." * Anna *

"I have a special needs child and was concerned how she would do with the pain of braces, as well as, the patience of sitting still in a chair for a long period of time. Dr. Lili Horton was so calm and so good at explaining everything slowly so my daughter would understand what was going on. She let my daughter hold a mirror so she could watch as she did every step, and she explained everything as she performed each step. My daughter loved every part of braces. She talked about braces all the time and looked forward to every office visit. If we could do it again, we would 100% choose Dr. Lili Horton! We are going to miss seeing her and Aimee" (the friendly receptionist).
Melissa, Anna's mom

"I just want to thank Dr. Horton for all she did for our daughter. She has a million-dollar smile plus her confidence is worth all she went through. I'm so happy we went with Dr. Horton. She was not only nice but very understanding when we had a question and concern or when we needed her on Christmas Day. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will miss you so much."
"As a Service member and a father and family man, having two locations was so easy and great. The location close to base made making appointments so easy. The first orthodontist to pick up in the middle of the night on Christmas. So amazed and lucky to have Dr. Horton."
Love, the Cherry Family

"So glad I did this! Dr. Lili's attention to my needs, concerns & fears before, during & even after the process has been exceptional. I especially appreciate her compassionate care and straightforward approach: explaining details every step of the way. Best orthodontist ever. The monthly payment plan allowed me to realize good dental care without creating financial hardship. I am grateful for the highly professional service extended by Dr. Lili's Office Team. Thank you Dr. Lili for giving me the smile that I have always wanted. With deep affection, "
Diane R.

"It has been almost a decade since Dr. Lili Horton did my orthodontics. And a decade later I'm still smiling brighter ever day because of her. I still get so many compliments on my smile. At one of my six month cleanings I even had a dentist jokingly offer to let me tell people I had my orthodontics done at their office because they were done so well. I just wanted to send a short thank you & let you know what a daily difference you have made!"
Denise Naylor

"Dr. Lili and her team work as some of the most professional, yet personal groups of individuals I have ever met. From the very first warm greeting, to the last visit where I was celebrated and congratulated, my experience turned into so much more than a brace-face check up :) Because of their years of experience and trustworthy reputation, I felt quite comfortable with them and they always talked me through any questions I had. I started braces when I was 14, and I loved watching (literally, they gave me a mirror to see everything they were doing) the whole experience. Professional service, personal relationship, and overall outstanding experience."
Audrey Tang

"The decision to get braces at 40 years old was a huge one. Dr. Horton took the time to talk with me, answers all of my questions and ease my fears. She encouraged me throughout the process and above all welcomed feedback from me which made a big difference in my comfort level. The staff is warm, friendly and professional and always goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. The boost in my self confidence, the difference in my smile and choosing Dr. Horton as my orthodontist has made getting braces one of the smartest decisions I have made so far."
Dawn Dalton

"My experience with Dr. Horton was pleasant from the beginning to the end. When I first came in, she said that the orthodontic procedure would take about two years. I was very skeptical at first, but it turned out she was right! Dr. Horton and her staff were very friendly and professional, and could not have been any more accommodating. Thank you Doctor for a wonderful smile!"
Colton Takaesu

"My name is JoAnna Sperling and my son Joshua and I were patients of Dr. Horton and her staff. I couldn't have found a better team to make our smiles beautiful. Dr. Horton and each member of her staff took the time to get to know us on a personal basis and each visit was like being with friends. Beyond the fact that she and her staff were very personable, they were also completely professional. They were able to adapt their treatment techniques for my son and I so that both of us fully understood everything being done with our teeth, the overall goals of the process, and our responsibilities despite the 30 year difference in our ages. Additionally, as a military spouse, my husband is frequently gone and my schedule becomes very hectic, Dr. Horton's office was very flexible with my schedule and made me feel at ease with the entire process. I have recommended Dr. Horton to a number of my friends and if I were not moving to the mainland, I would definitely use her again for my family's orthodontists needs."
JoAnna Sperling

"My daughter has a beautiful smile. She was under Dr. Horton's care a couple of years ago and her smile is beautiful. My daughter was a thumb sucker and Dr. Horton worked with us to help our daughter to stop, since thumb sucking can cause problems with the front teeth and when people would ask where we went I am always happy to tell them we went to Dr. Horton. She really cares for her patients and my daughter really liked her as well and that was very important for us."
Marina Longfellow

"I just got my braces off and I really love my smile. Now that I'm graduating from college, I can't wait to show my family and friends in Suwon, Korea. I chose Dr. Horton's practice because they are very dedicated and honest. I trust them and that's important. Language was not a problem at all."
Jae Youn from Korea

"I started braces when I was 17 and I really didn't like the idea of having braces so old when my younger sisters (14, 9, and 8) were getting them at the same time. Yet, because of how my teeth were, and the professional treatment they could offer, I only had them for less than a year and I am overjoyed with the results! They all were so very nice and welcoming that my experience there was a memorable one at that. They treated me excellently in relationship, service, and goodies after I got my braces off. What a great orthodontist! I would, and have, referred Dr. Lili and crew to many family and friends."
Hadley Tang

"I love my smile!!! I completed my treatment with Dr. Horton years ago and continue to love my smile! I received compliments on it often and always tell people with confidence to see Dr. Horton themselves. She pays attention to every detail and does great work all around. I even told my younger sister to see her and she couldn't be happier with her smile too.:) "
Febelyn Gamiao

"As a woman in my mid 40's, considering braces was a big decision! From my first consultation, I was incredibly impressed and extremely comfortable with Dr. Horton and her professional staff. The day my braces came off and Dr. Horton handed me a mirror, I couldn't stop the tears. Getting braces at an older age and having Dr. Lili Horton as my orthodontist were two of the best decisions I could have made. I couldn't be more satisfied with the finished product!"
Rebecca Banigan

"Dear Dr. Horton, Thank you for working your magic on my teeth this past year! At first, I wasn't thrilled to spend my senior year in braces but the time has passed so quickly, and I'm honestly surprised at how painless and easy the whole process was. I'm really excited to go to college with straight teeth! I REALLY appreciate everything you've done for me!"